2 weeks in!!! Better get started!

Published November 29, 2011 by cinta812

Here I was, patting myself on the back for being so organised when it occurred to me that I had not edited or posted anything on my personal blog! So two weeks in, finds me here attempting to gather my thoughts over the past fortnight.
What is a teacher librarian?
I will re-evaluate my thoughts on this question at the end of this subject.
My initial thoughts are: A teacher librarian is a teacher who is not on a class but works from the library and assists each class during the week. I believe that the teacher librarian’s role is to impart the joy of books onto the students.
After reading the introduction module I realised that the TL role is far more complex and essential to the daily running of the school. Who knew that the TL assisted with the curriculum programming or liaised with the Principal??
Herring’s chapter in Fergusons ‘Libraries in the twenty-first century: charting new directions in information’ outlines the multi-faceted roles of a TL as follows:
• Teacher
• Librarian
• Information services manager
• Information literacy leader
• Curriculum leader
• Information specialist
• Instructional partner
• Website developer
• Budget manager
• Staff manager
• Fiction and non-fiction advocate
Quite a few of these roles were surprising to me as I believed that the role of a TL was mainly about the running of the library itself.
Have my thoughts changed after two weeks?
Definitely, the role of the TL is multifunctional and involves a lot of liaising and multitasking on the TL’s behalf.
I am interested in investigation the different roles in further detail.
The key point that I discovered in the introduction was that I needed to look at and think about the library in much broader terms.
Introduction and topic 1: Using the CSU databases
Information process: This was introduced in the introduction and I had heard of this process throughout other subjects and had not realised that it could be associated with the TL.
Using the CSU databases: We looked at EbscoHost and Informit in particular. EbscoHost is a database I am familiar with as I have been using it for the past 3 years. Informit was harder for me to navigate as I am used to the EbscoHost search engine. Informit has more Australian content and therefore is more relevant to me as an Australian teacher. I learned what truncation a useful tool it is!
Well that is the first two weeks in a nutshell….not sure if I am blogging correctly but I think as it is my own personal feelings and thoughts I can pretty much do what I feel like!!

Hello and Welcome

Published November 27, 2011 by cinta812

Welcome to my blog….

I’m new at this so be prepared for me to ramble on a bit before getting to the point!

I have set up this blog to record my thoughts on ETL401 subject at University.

ETL401 is Teacher Librarianship. Ok, so you may think …. boring!


As I blog my learning journey you will discover along with me how interesting TL’s are!